Boldin For Sale

Cardinals coach, Ken Whisenhunt announced yesterday that star receiver Anquan Boldin was "for sale." The rumor has it that Boldin can be had for a 1st and a 3rd round pick. With heavy rumors floating around that the Giants will get Braylon Edwards to replace the Plaxico Burress, the Eagles need to step up, stop calling their receiving crew elite, and get Boldin at any cost. The only reason why this should not happen, is if the Eagles trade for Jason Peters, the LT from Buffalo on draft day. I honestly think they should give up the 28th pick and a 3rd rounder for Boldin, and the 21st pick and a 4th rounder for Peters. With the remaining 2nd round pick, draft a RB. I know that the Eagles would never do this, because they and the rest of the NFL place too high a value on the draft, but the Eagles do not even draft well. So going into draft day no matter who the Eagles get, I will not be happy if Boldin and/or Peters are not wearing Eagles uniforms this season. No matter what the Eagles brass tells you, this team does have certain needs this offseason. When you combine the teams needs with the bevy of draft picks that we have, there is no reason they should not make a move to get an already pro-bowl caliber player, who will fit certain needs that the Eagles current team has.


Dr. G said...

Amen to this post!!

Joe W. Linden said...

this is what WILL happen.

draft day roles along and on the second day the eagles will draft his brother d.j. boldin. he'll suck worse than a vaccum and in 3 years will replace reggie brown at left bench. they won't even make a pass at him.

i know its harsh... but its the eagles. c'mon.

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