Sixers Finally Win a Game Before Playoffs

The 76ers won the final game of the regular season, their first win since April 4th. The win, combined with a Bulls loss, allowed the Sixers to obtain the #6 seed in the NBA playoffs, and face off in the first round against the 3rd seeded Orlando Magic.

In the final game of the regular season, the Sixers finally snapped their 6-game losing streak to the Cavaliers. They are only the 2nd team to win in Cleveland this season. Of course it helped that the Cavs were resting basically their entire starting roster, including LeBron James. In a strange end to the regular season, the Sixers won in overtime, in a game in which the Cavs hit a 3-pointer with under a second just to send the game to OT. So even though the Sixers won this game ugly, we have to take a win any way we can get it going into the postseason.

I'm not sure which is better to play the Celtics or the Magic in the first round of the postseason, but the Sixers will face Dwight Howard and the Magic. Even though the Sixers are 0-3 against the Magic this season, all three games were losses by 10 points or less. Anything can happen in the playoffs, especially with the Sixers playing with house money, much like they were last season when they put a huge scare into the Pistons in the first round.


T-Bone said...

The fact that the irrelevant Sixers even made the playoffs is a sad commentary on the crap that passes for basketball in the NBA. The same could be said for a bunch of other bottom feeders limping into the playoffs, but as a Philly guy it's frankly embarrassing to see this bunch of minor leaguers wearing the Sixers uniform. One-point OT win against the Cavs' bench sitters and scrubs? Give me a break! Hard to get excited about playoff time when you already know that the best your team can possibly do is crap out in 5...

Blogger said...


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