Eagles Trade for Peters

According to multiple sources, the Eagles have a deal in place to trade for Buffalo Bills pro-bowl left tackle, Jason Peters. The Eagles would give up the 28th overall selection, their 4th round pick, and an undisclosed 2010 draft pick. Peters is flying to Philadelphia today, and will need to pass a physical. The Eagles also want to lock up Peters to a long-term deal before they announce the trade.

Peters is a two-time pro bowler who is 27 years old, and was unhappy with his current contract with the Bills. If Peters ends up an Eagle, he would be the starting left tackle. This would allow the Andrews brothers to hold down the right side of the line. Todd Herramans would continue at left guard, and either Jackson or Nick Cole will be the starting center.

Seems like a good move for the Eagles to sure up that offensive line, and still have the 21st overall pick to draft a RB, or a WR, or use in a possible trade.


Hollywood said...

This is fantastic news, no doubt about that. However, the one thing that the Eagles need to keep in mind is this does not mean they are done. This does not mean that our WR problems are solved. We still have a first round pick, a crapload of other draft picks, and Reggie Brown who, in places not called Philadelphia, is believed to be a talented young receiver who could break out any year.

What does this mean? It means still go get Boldin! My personal dream (well, football related)would be for them to trade their 1st, 2nd, and Reggie to get Crabtree. How amazing would it be if we have the best o-line in football and Crabtree and Jackson lining up at WR?

Great job getting Peters, Eagles. Great job getting Weaver. Those are two huge moves. However, you are still way under the cap and you are still nowhere near done. Get a decent WR, and were looking at 30+ points per game.

Anonymous said...

As a cowboy fan this was something we did not want to see, Peters is really going to make that line something. He will still have his hands filled with Ware but he is a great pickup, good job eagles. We do not see your WR as a position of need as much as your TE or RB what makes you say the WR? We are stalled in the second round with the 51st pick hoping for the best available talent and no position in particular. Cinch the pads on tight this season as the NFCbeast looks tougher than I can ever remember. Good Luck to you guys in the draft and see you Sun, Nov 8. Go Cowboys

T-Bone said...

To Anonymous:

Good call to hide your identity if you come on this board proclaiming yourself a stinkin' Cowgirls fan... I'd like to request of Roget and Mr. Green that a rule be set for this blog in which any contributor or commentor who makes a favorable comment about the Dallas Dirtbags be required to include full name, address, phone number, and social security number -- otherwise, their incoherent ramblings should be blocked from being posted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, already saying this is the best o-line in football. That's funny.

Kotite's Corner said...

Who said this is the best O-line in football?