Sixers Struggling Down the Stretch

The Sixers lost what seemed like their 30th game in a row on Sunday (it was actually their 5th game in a row), to the Raptors, and are losing ground in the Eastern Conference with each loss.

Before this losing streak, the Sixers were in the 5th position in the East, and could realistically get to 4th ahead of the Hawks. Even if they had stayed in the 5th spot, they would have drawn the 4th seeded Hawks in the first round, a team that the Sixers have a winning record against this season. Five losses later, and the Sixers cannot get the 4th seed, cannot get the 5th seed, and are tied for the 6th seed with the Chicago Bulls. Because they cannot get the 5th seed, they will fall somewhere in the 6, 7, or 8 seed range, which means a first round matchup against the Cavs, Celtics, or Magic, the three elite teams in the Eastern Conference.

The Sixers need to get Thaddeus Young back as soon as possible. He will probably not return to the lineup the final two games of the regular season, but will return for the playoffs. Without Thaddeus, the Sixers are struggling, as Young can score not only on the break, but also in the half court sets. The Sixers final two games of the season are against the Celtics and Cavs, so we could easily drop down to the 8th playoff spot, depending on how the Bulls, and Pistons do. It doesn't appear likely that the Sixers would win a series against the Cavs, Celtics, or Magic, even if they were playing good basketball. However, the Sixers did lose four games in a row last season heading into the playoffs, and then proceeded to push the Pistons in the first round. Even with a first round exit, it would be nice for the Sixers to make some noise in this playoffs, and get some fans in the arena.

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Anonymous said...

Sixers lose 5 straight going into the playoffs and currently suck-that just happened, Thaddeus please come back