Eagles Make More Moves on Day 2

On Day 2 of the NFL Draft today, the Eagles continued to deal, and put themselves into a better position for next season.

The Eagles traded out of the 3rd and 4th rounds, basically trying to get every single pick in the 5th round. The Eagles at one time had 6 picks in the 5th round. They traded two of those picks to the New England Patriots for cornerback Ellis Hobbs. Hobbs at one time started at the opposite corner as Asante Samuel, and has been the starting cornerback in New England the past two seasons. Hobbs is only 25 years old currently, and seems like the Eagles got a very good player for two 5th round picks. New England had actually already given the Eagles a 5th round pick earlier in the offseason for Greg Lewis. Not sure what this move means for Sheldon Brown. Brown is still an Eagle as of right now, and is not very happy about that fact. Will Hobbs replace Brown as a starter, but Brown remain on the roster? Will Hobbs play as the nickel corner at the start of the season if Brown is still on the team? The Eagles may try to move Brown in training camp for a future draft pick, much like they will probably do with Reggie Brown.

The Eagles did make some picks in the 5th round as well. They first drafted tight end Cornelius Ingram from Florida. I've already heard people say that Ingram is one of the steals of the draft at this spot. Ingram is 6'4", 245, and very athletic. From what I have been hearing, Ingram would have been a 1st or 2nd round pick if he was healthy this season. Ingram missed all of his senior season with a torn left ACL. He had a very good combine, and at times, played both wide receiver and tight end at Florida. Seems like a very good pick for the Eagles, filling a need a tight end.

The Eagles then took Victor "Macho" Harris, a cornerback from Virginia Tech. Seems like another guy the Eagles were able to pick who has a lot of skill and could have been taken higher in this draft. Harris has played both cornerback and safety, and also returned punts. Has a good eye for the ball picking off six passes this past season, and has returned four picks for touchdowns in his career. With the Sheldon Brown situation uncertain, Harris could actually step in and see some playing time, at cornerback or safety.

The Eagles next pick was also in the 5th round, and was Fenuki Tupou, and offensive lineman from Oregon. Tupou has good size, which the Eagles like, and Andy Reid always drafts an offensive lineman. In the 6th round, the Eagles took another wide receiver, Brandon Gibson from Washington State. Gibson had an amazing junior season, but his numbers fell off his senior year at Washington State. It will be interesting to see if Gibson can contribute, and what receiver make the roster for the start of the season. In the 7th round, the Eagles chose offensive guard Paul Fanaika from Arizona State, and with their final pick, they chose Moise Fokou, and outside linebacker from Maryland.

All in all, with the draft coming to an end, it looks like the Eagles have definitely address a lot of needs. It seems like Maclin, McCoy, and Ingram can come in right away and help the offense. Hobbs is a good pickup on defense, and we have to say that the Eagles did a very good job this weekend, and their roster looks better today than it did Friday.

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