Possible Players the Eagles can take in each round

The Draft is Saturday and we outlined who the Eagles might select.

1st Round:
K. Moreno, Georgia RB - The Eagles have Moreno as their #1 RB on their draft board, so if he is available and the Eagles want a RB, they will take him. Might be the guy with the best chance to get, but they may have to trade up to pick 15 to get him. Might be the best overall running back in the draft.
D. Brown, UConn RB - Led the nation in rushing yards this season. Plays bigger than he is, sheds arm tackles with ease, and has more speed than you would think.
L. McCoy, Pitt RB - Put up great numbers both years at Pitt. Is the total package, speed, quickness, has better cuts than any of the other RB's, gets through the hole quickly. He is also the best receiving back of all the backs. Would be a great pick.
B. Pettigrew, Okla St. TE - The best TE in the draft no question. Could go before the Eagles pick, but tight end is definitely a position the Eagles will be targeting, and Pettigrew is not only the best overall TE, but a great blocking TE, which the Eagles need.

2nd Round:
Louis Delmas, W. Michigan FS- Best Free Safety in the draft. The Eagles would go nuts if he fell to them in the 2nd round, but most likely they will have to trade up to get him. He could be the heir to Dawkins. With Dawk gone he could battle for the starting job this year.
Jared Cook, South Carolina TE- Not as good of a blocker as the higher rated Pettigrew, but Cook can stretch the field and his 6'5", 246 frame will be a great red-zone target.
Patrick Chung, Oregon SS- Best Strong Safety in the draft. Drafting him and moving Quinten Mikell over to FS could solidify the safety position for a while for the Eagles.
Paul Kruger, Utah DE- This guy goes to a college in Utah, that alone is enough for Andy Reid to draft him. This 6'4" 265 pounder is a potential beast.

3rd Round:
Richard Quinn, UNC TE- Was surrounded by stud WR's his whole career. He was not used properly. Only caught 12 passes, could have been a potential first rounder in the right system. Can be a steal here.
Chase Coffman, Missouri TE- Coming off a foot injury which kept him from working out can slip him possibly to the third round. If the Eagles think it can look past this, they may get a steal here. He caught 30 TD's in his 4 years at the Mizz.
Kevin Barnes, Maryland CB- With the news of Sheldon Brown crying to the media about his contract, CB becomes a position of interest. Barnes' stock is rising. He possibly has a shoulder issue, but is a great all around athlete.
Antione Caldwell, Alabama C- The only weakness on the Eagles line is Center. Look for the Eagles to address this need in the draft. Centers are not drafted high typically, so even a great center like Caldwell can fall to the 3rd Round.

5th Round:
Rames Barden, Cal Poly WR- This guy might drop to the 5th round, but he is 6'6" - the red zone possibilities are endless. His stock is currently falling, but he is worth the 5th round risk.
Cameron Morrah, Cal TE- TE should be addressed in this draft. LJ Smith sucked, but they Eagles run two TE sets and I am not sure Celek is the future. If the position is not addressed in the 2nd or 3rd Round, Morrah should be there in the 5th Round. Morrah is not the greatest blocker but has good hands.
Deon Butler, Penn State WR- Blazing speed (4.3 40) He has size and speed like DeSean Jackson, but he does have the potential DJ does. It is the 5th Round and you cannot be picky. Plus if Demps is going to start we need a new Kick Returner, and with Butler's speed, he should be able to handle that.
Lardarius Webb, Nicholls State CB- Great speed (4.35 40), can also return kicks. Getting an athlete like him in the 5th Round will only help the team and under the guidence of Jim Johnson, you might be able to turn him into a great CB.
Juaquin Inglesias, Oklahoma WR- Quick and has great instincts to get open. His 40 time of high 4.4's does not show his true speed.
David Bruton, Notre Dame FS- If the Eagles miss out on Delmas in the 2nd Round, Bruton should be available in the 5th round when they select. He can play either position, and has great size and speed (6'2" 219, 4.4 40) Probably cannot start this year, but will excel on special teams and will battle for a starting postition the following year.

6th Round:
Ray Feinga, BYU OG- Andy Reid loves O-Lineman and mormons. This is a no brainer. Feinga has nice size for a guard 6'4" 337, and you can never have too many lineman..... or mormons.
A.Q. Shipley, Penn State C- Center will be addressed in the draft. It would be amazing for Shipley to fall to the Eagles in 6th Round, but more likely that Shipley from PSU will be there. He was first team All-Big Ten Center.


Hollywood said...

Very cool article. I like Quinn as a sleeper, but only if hes available way after round 3. Can't waste a top 3 pick on a guy with 12 catches.

Also heard that TE from FLA is a possible second rounder.

As far as sleeper WRs like Iglesias; how about Quan Cosby or that Collier guy. I really like Cosby. Hes not going to be great, but he is what he is. He catches everything. Very Avant-like.

The Maestro said...

3 words - LeSean "Shady" McCoy!!!!!!!!

T-Bone said...

If Joe Banner (the Mr. Burns of NFL execs) is involved in the draft, we might see them pick Furio Giunta to execute the contract Lurie has put out on Nutter...

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