Hamels Leaves Game Early... Again

Cole Hamels left the game early in the Phillies win against the Nationals due to an injury. Hamels was cruising in the 5th inning, with 1 out, and a National on first base. Lannan came up to bat, and bunted the runner over. When Hamels went to field the ball, while planting his left foot, his foot got caught, and his ankle rolled over. He was in pain, grimacing at first, but then stood up. He threw a practice toss, and then tossed the ball to Manuel, clearly frustrated, knowing that he couldn't continue.

The Phillies won the game, and have obviously been playing better lately, but everyone knows we need Cole Hamels in this rotation, healthy, and pitching well. Hamels has looked better and better in every start he has had this season, and appears to be rounding into form. His last start against the Brewers, he left the game early after looking good early in the game after taking a line drive by Prince Fielder off his left shoulder. Hamels left that game, but the injury thankfully was not serious, and Hamels was able to make his start tonight.

Right now they are calling the injury to Hamels, reigning World Series MVP, a sprained ankle. It has made for some nervous moments for all Phillies fans watching Hamels leave his last two starts early due to injury. A lot of people were holding their breath as Hamels ankle was turning over in this game. More information should come available soon, and we can only hope for the best. It doesn't look like a real serious injury, if anything, he would miss some starts, but shouldn't be anything to threaten his season (My fingers were crossed writing that final sentence).

Ohh by the way, the Phillies won 7-1, winning their 5th straight.

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T-Bone said...

Hamels should be okay (minor sprain) and it's encouraging that his fast ball speed and placement showed improvement. Hopefully, he's getting back to form -- God knows we need that given the home run derbies the other starters are featuring. I always find it ironic that some of the more "health nut" athletes are the very ones who seem to go on odd injury streaks. Maybe Hamels would be better off ditching his personal trainer & personal chiropractor in favor of the old style physical fitness routine preferred by players from Ruth to Mantle: bar-hopping and womanizing. It sure as hell worked for them, and is probably a lot more fun!