Philly 4 Pack

Starting the Philly 4 Pack with the Eagles, who have the NFL Draft tomorrow, and it will be very interesting to see what they do, as there are still a few more pieces to the puzzle to fill in on this roster. The offensive line appears set going into next season, and the defense is solid. We believe the Eagles should take a running back first overall, and still look into packaging some picks for Anquan Boldin possibly. Look for the Eagles to take a RB, TE, CB, D-Lineman, and WR in this draft. The Eagles have made some very good moves in the offseason with the offensive line, however, there are still no new skill players or play makers on the team. You have no backup RB, you have no starting WR, and you are not any better in the red zone, which has been a weakness of the offense for the past couple seasons. Take a look here if you want to look at some of the players the Eagles might target in each round. Optimal situation would be to acquire Boldin, and still be able to draft one of the backs among Moreno, McCoy, or Brown.

The Flyers played a great game last night against the Penguins, holding off elimination, and making the series 3-2 in favor the Penguins. The series shifts back to Philadelphia for Game 6. Check out our recap of Game 5.

The 76ers are next, and are currently tied in their first round series with the Magic, 1 game apiece. Two straight games at home are next, starting tonight, and the Sixers need to win at least one of the two home games. The Sixers really can win this series, the Magic have not looked all that special so far in this series. The Sixers need to step it up on the offensive end against a stingy Magic defense. Game 3 is tonight on Philly.

The Phillies lost a tough game yesterday, their 2nd straight home loss to the Brewers. After putting up 11 runs on Tuesday, the Phillies put up just 1 run each on Wednesday and Thursday. Cole Hamels left yesterday’s game with a left shoulder contusion, which basically means a really bad bruise. Hamels took a line drive off his shoulder off the bat of Prince Fielder. He said he wanted to stay in the game, and said he would not miss his next start. The pitching has been slightly better this week, but the offense has fallen asleep. Still a good sign if they can put together some good starting pitching performances. The Phillies sit at 6-8, and open up a big weekend series tonight against the first place Marlins.

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