Flyers Lose Game 4

The Flyers came out on the short end of a much needed Game 4, 3-1. It was a very frustrating game for the Flyers as they dominated the game for the most part, but couldn't get the bounces, and couldn't get the puck past Marc-Andre Fleury, who was the only reason the Penguins won the game. Fleury made 45 saves on 46 Flyers shots, the only goal being a point blank shot out in front of the net by Carcillo.

After a scoreless first period, the Penguins got a lucky goal on a bounce that the Flyers never seem to get. As Crosby was sliding into Biron and the net, which looked more like he was trying to steal 2nd base, the puck hit the shaft of his stick, and somehow found the net. It looked like Crosby took out Biron before the puck was in the net, and before the puck even hit Crosby's stick, but the goal was allowed. The Flyers meanwhile hit about 100 posts in this game, and couldn't get any bounces. The Penguins made it 2-0 shortly after, and that would be all that Fleury needed. Carcillo got a goal halfway through the 3rd to make it 2-1, and even though the Flyers dominated the 3rd period, they couldn't get the puck in the net, and the Penguins would eventually put the game away with an empty net goal.

The Flyers went 0-8 on the power play, and this game hurts to lose because the Flyers were the better team, and had so many chances. The series goes back to Pittsburgh with the Penguins having a chance to close the series out on home ice. All you can do in Game 5 is continue to play the well you have the past two games. It won't be as easy on the Penguins ice, but the Flyers have played well the past three games of the series, and the only thing they can do is continue to play the way they have and hope that they get the early lead, and get some bounces go their way to come back to Philadelphia for a Game 6.

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