Sixers Game 2 Preview

The 76ers look to go up 2-0 in their series against the Magic and possibly steal another game in Orlando. It isn’t going to easy, nor is it likely that the Sixers will take two in Orlando and bring a 2-0 series lead back to Philadelphia.

The Sixers just need to keep their momentum going from the 4th quarter of Game 1, and play the way that they want to play. They can’t worry about being up 1-0 in the series, they need to approach this game just like they would approach any other. The Sixers stole Game 1 in Detroit last season in the 1st round of the playoffs, and then got blown out in Game 2. Even though overall it would still be considered a good thing to go 1-1 in Orlando, the Sixers need to realize that they have the opportunity to really take control of this series by winning this game. Instead of coming out and not working as hard in Game 2, knowing that you still won Game 1, the Sixers need to come out and play even harder in Game 2, knowing that they have an opportunity to go up 2-0 in this series.

To win this game, the Sixers will really need to continue to defend the three pointer like they did in Game 1. It helped that Orlando missed shots that they usually make, but the Sixers did a good job of not letting Rashard Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu ever get into a rhythm and get into the game. It seems stupid to talk about how to stop the Magic and not mention Dwight Howard first, but Howard had a great Game 1, and the Sixers still won. Yes, it would be nice to slow down Howard, but let’s be honest; it’s not going to happen. Howard is a beast, and no one on the Sixers can defend him. Theo Ratliff did do a respectable job defending him though I will say.

On offense, the Sixers need to get out and run where they can, and get as many easy baskets as possible. Orlando is a very good defensive team, so the Sixers need to get as many layups and dunks in transition as possible. In the half court set, Iguodala, Miller, Young, and Williams need to get their baskets, as they can all create.

It would be exciting if the Sixers can get this win tonight and come home up 2-0 in the series, but they will need to play their best game possible to accomplish that.

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