Must Win Game 4 For the... Sixers?

The Sixers face the Magic in Game 4 of their first round series this evening at home here in Philadelphia. This may be a must win game for the 76ers.

This game might actually be a must win game for both teams, with the winner ultimately taking the series. If the Sixers win, they take a 3-1 lead in the series. It's not insurmountable, but with the way the Magic have been playing, the Sixers should be able to take one of the final three games to close out the series. If the Sixers lose this game, the series is tied 2-2. Game 5 back in Orlando would be very hard for the Sixers to win. If the Magic go up 3-2, they have two opportunities, including a possible Game 7, to win the series. We do not want that scenario to even come up. To be honest, even if the Sixers win Game 4, it will still not be easy to close out the series. The Magic would still have two games at home in the series, and you have to imagine they will start clicking on all cylinders at some point.

The Sixers need to play even better than they did in Game 3 at home to win this Game 4. The Magic are going to give us a good game, and the Sixers need to be ready. Game 4 is tonight, and it is huge for the Sixers to win to remain in command of the series.

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