Sixers Travel to Orlando for Game 5

The 76ers will resume their series in Orlando tonight in Game 5, with the series locked at 2 games apiece. The Sixers need to shake off the disappointing ending to Game 4, and come out like this is a completely new series.

The Sixers need to pretend this is just another game, and not a game that will turn the tide in this series. The Magic have not been playing their best basketball in this series, and really, neither have the Sixers. If the Sixers had just been able to shoot a little bit better in Game 4, they would be up 3 games to 1. The Sixers know they can play with the Magic, they just need to execute. They need to get out in transition almost every time the Magic miss a shot. If no transition basket is there, be smart enough to pull it back out and run the half court offense instead of forcing something that isn't there.

You have to hope that the Magic are not able to find their offensive touch. Dwight Howard is a beast, and has shown that at times in this series. However, his supporting cast has been average. You have to hope that the game winning shot from Turkoglu does not get him going in this series. If Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis start hitting their outside shots, the Magic are a tough team to beat, especially with Howard inside. Dalembert and Ratliff are doing a respectable job on Howard for the most part, there is just really no one in the league who can cover Howard for an entire game.

For the Sixers, the Andre's need to play well. This Sixers team seems to go as the Andre's do. If both Miller and Iguodala have a good game, the Sixers have a chance to win. They both played well in the Game 3 win, and neither played well in the Game 4 win. For the most part, Miller has been getting the better of Rafer Alston in this series, and the Sixers need to continue to exploit that mismatch.

By losing Game 4, the Sixers put themselves in the position of really needing this win tonight. If the Magic go up 3-2, they will most likely be able to win one of the final two games of the series to close it out. It would be huge for the Sixers to steal this game in Orlando, then go home with a chance to close out the series.

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