Philly 4 Pack

We are starting a new feature here at Kotite’s Corner called Philly 4 Pack for right now. It will be a weekly feature providing a short summary on the current state of all four major Philadelphia sports teams. So without further ado—

Starting with football, even though we are in the offseason, there is always information to talk about all year long. With the draft coming up, and the Eagles with the most picks of any team, this is a big week and a half for the Eagles. With the news coming in today that the Eagles have reached a deal to trade for Jason Peters, the Eagles have now solidified their offensive line. Check out the story on the trade here. The Eagles biggest needs right now after the Peters trade are running back, and wide receiver. It would be a very successful week if after the draft, the Eagles have actively addressed those needs. By addressing, we aren’t talking about taking a receiver in the 7th round, and claiming he is a steal and the next Jerry Rice. We want the Eagles to do something, and make a splash. If the Eagles can address these needs, they would probably be considered one of the favorites in the NFC. They still have the 21st overall pick to play with, and plenty of other picks. We stated previously that we would like to see the Eagles trade a 1st and a 3rd for Boldin, and a 1st and a 4th for Peters. The Peters trade happened, so who knows, maybe talks are in the works for Boldin. The Eagles, Giants, Ravens, and Jets are rumored to be the most interested in acquired Boldin.

The Phildalphia Flyers play Game 2 tonight against the Penguins in a first round playoff series. We have covered this, and provided a Game 2 preview, which you can find here.

The Philadelphia 76ers are gearing up for their first round series against the Orlando Magic which kicks off Sunday. The Sixers are the 6th seed, and may have a chance in this series against the banged up Magic. They are definitely over matched by the Magic, especially since Dwight Howard is not one of the Magic players who is banged up. You can find out series preview here.

The Philadelphia Phillies are off to a very average, but disappointing 4-4 start on the season. The Phillies always struggle in April, so it is not that much of a surprise, but the way they have played is concerning. The pitching staff has been not good, especially the starters. The Phillies have already allowed 54 runs, and only scored 42 in 8 games. We are still very early, so there is no reason to panic, but the Phillies starting pitching has been horrible. Cole Hamels got lit up in his first game, and it is a cause for concern since he pitched so many innings last season, and we obviously rely heavily on Hamels to be the #1 starter on this team. Blanton and Park both got lit up as well in their first start of the season. The hitting will come along as it gets warmer, and the players get their at-bats. Let’s hope the pitching comes along as well.


Sparticus said...

I would like a credit for giving you the idea of Philadelphia 4 pack.

Mr. Green said...

Special thanks to Sparticus, aka Cameron for coming up with the Philly 4 Pack name.

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