Eagles Schedule Released

The NFL schedules were released yesterday, and the Eagles schedule does not look too bad. A tough start at Carolina, who was 8-0 at home in the regular season last season is followed up by three straight home homes. After the first game of the season, the Eagles do not play another playoff team from last season until November. The schedule features one Monday night game, and three Sunday night games, and closes with a game in Dallas on January 3. The return of Brian Dawkins will occur in Week 16, Dec. 27th. Below is the entire schedule--

1 Sun, Sept. 13 - at Carolina (1:00 PM)

2 Sun, Sept. 20 - vs. New Orleans (1:00 PM)

3 Sun, Sept. 27 - vs. Kansas City (1:00 PM)


5 Sun, Oct. 11 - vs. Tampa Bay (1:00 PM)

6 Sun, Oct. 18 - at Oakland (4:05 PM)

7 Mon, Oct. 26 - at Washington (8:30 PM)

8 Sun, Nov. 1 - vs. New York Giants (4:15 PM)

9 Sun, Nov. 8 - vs. Dallas (8:20 PM)

10 Sun, Nov. 15 - at San Diego (4:15 PM)

11 Sun, Nov. 22 - at Chicago (8:20 PM)

12 Sun, Nov. 29 - vs. Washington (1:00 PM)

13 Sun, Dec. 6 - at Atlanta (1:00 PM)

14 Sun, Dec. 13 - at New York Giants (8:20 PM)

15 Sun, Dec. 20 - vs. San Francisco (1:00 PM)

16 Sun, Dec. 27 - vs. Denver (1:00 PM)

17 Sun, Jan. 3 - at Dallas (1:00 PM)


Dr. G said...

Could be worse, but I'm not convinced the scheduled "doesn't look too bad." Very early Bye, which I don't think works to any team's advantage, especially one with a "veteran" QB. Only one of the four night games at home (Sunday, 11/8 vs Dallas), and what I think will be a challenging mid-season, starting away at Washington on 10/7 and ending at home with the Skins on 11/29. But, then, since Reid has stated that his current squad is already perfectly postioned in every area to skate into the Super Bowl, why should I have any worries...?

Mr. Green said...

I say 11-5, but it could change. At Heckert's news conference yesterday, he said they feel like they don't have any particular needs, so at the draft, they can just pick the best available player. Give me a break.

Dr. G said...

Yeah I heard Heckert -- according to the brain trust at Team Gold Standard, they can apparently just stand pat, make no further signings, skip the draft altogether, and still cakewalk into the Super Bowl...The shared delusion of these guys is mind boggling! I say 8-4-4 with McNabb still confused about that 3rd column...

Anonymous said...

Is there an exception to wearing a Broncos Dawkins jersey when the Broncos play here in terms of fandom.

Dr. G said...

Yeah, Anon, I'm quite sure that a Denver Dawkins jersey would get a full waiver from even the 700 level. In fact, I think it would be great to see those jerseys outnumber the green ones by about 1,000 to 1 on that particular December afternoon. And it's also possible that by then, all the jersey-wearers of either color may be chanting "Good-bye Andy."