Charlie Can Do No Wrong

Charlie Manuel will forever be a legend in Philadelphia. But it is no accident. Manuel made every right call. He out managed Joe Torre, a 13-time postseason veteran, in the NLCS and made uber-manager Joe Maddon look foolish in the World Series. The man could do no wrong.

With his slow southern draw and pot belly that sits above his belt, many in the baseball community—Phillie fans included—have questioned the wisdom of Manuel. FOX Sports’ own Ken Rosenthal once predicted that he would be the first manager fired…and that was several years ago! But Charlie never flinched in the face of adversity.

Manuel shuffled Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino between the 2 and 6 spots. And it paid off: Victorino crushed a game winning slam off of CC Sabathia. Manuel never wavered on Carlos Ruiz even though many called for Chris Coste. And it paid off: Ruiz was the unsung hero of the postseason. Manuel sent Matt Stairs to the plate in a tie game. And it paid off: Stairs crushed a 2 run bomb that still hasn’t landed. Manuel left Ryan Howard in the clean-up spot. And it paid off: Howard hit three home runs between games 3 and 4. Manuel let J.C. Romero bat in the late innings of game 5. And it paid off: Romero threw a scoreless 8th that paved the road to Lidge.

Manuel knew he had the players, and never tried to over manage. He understood how the Fightins got to the Series and he let the players do what they had done all season. For that, he should be applauded. And for that, Manuel will forever be remembered as the man who helped bring a championship to Philadelphia. All hail Charlie Manuel.

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