Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (10-1)

10. Lanny McDonald

Best Hockey stache ever.

King Kelly

This guy is my idol.

2008 Croatian Men's Water Polo Team

For team unity everyone grew a stache, we need more teams like this.

Artur Jorge

Portuguese Soccer coach, I couldn't dream of a mustache as amazing as this.

6. Ben Davidson

Just look at this classy stache

Salvador Dali

Created a new stache it's hard to compete with

4. Frank Zappa

This is a man who's proud of his stache. When you have a stache named after you instant top 5.

3. Rollie Fingers

Anytime a man has the balls to curl his stache, he is the man.

2. Burt Reynolds

Mustache going strong since the 70's

1. Tom Selleck

Was there any doubt. When you think of great men with mustaches this man always comes to mind.


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