Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (50-41)

50. David Crosby

Classic walrus stache

49. Nick Lowery

Rumor has it that he wore the one bar face mask to show off the stache

48. Jason Lee

I don't like his show but he wears the stache with pride

47. Cheech Marin

Best stoner stache ever.

46. Jason Giambi

Single handedly he put the stache back into the spot light

Richard Pryor

Arguable the greatest stand-up comic of all-time, the mustache puts him above Carlin. Some may call this a Grosik stache.

44. Thurman Munson

Here is a man who would just look silly without the stache

43. Mike Schmidt

I can't decide if the fro-stache is better than the thick hair coming out from the hat-stache

42. Mark Spitz

Wearing 6 gold medals and a stache will always get you on the list

41. Jason LaRue

I went to a Phillies-Cardinals game this year and saw his stache and thought that's amazing

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