Eagles-Giants Review

The Eagles lost to the Giants 36-31 Sunday night, dropping them to 5-4 overall, and allowing the Giants to take a commanding lead in the division, all while watching our own playoff hopes fade farther and farther away. Mr. Green and Dr. G broke the game down afterwards--

Dr. G: Direct quotes from Reid after last night's fiasco: "We're a very good team. We're good enough to beat all these teams. We should have won these games." And then the usual, "There are just a few things we have to change a bit, and we'll take care of them." Truly an alternative reality... He really seems to believe he's 7-0 and on the way to yet another championship...Unbelievable! No concept of what a tight end should do; no concept of what a fullback should do; no concept of how to defend tight ends; no concept of how to defend the run; no understanding that if you pass the ball 90% of the time, you're probably not going to be very successful suddenly switching to a power run game when you need 3-4 yards on 3rd down; no appreciation that the opponent's coaches and players -- and everybody in the stands -- can easily predict what lame plays will be called in these short yardage situations. No clue in general. This is a disgrace! And I wonder if McNabb can start playing the game from the beginning, rather than taking the 1st quarter off. After all these years, I wouldn't think he'd need an entire quarter to "warm up...."

Mr. Green: I know, its ridiculous. It's gotten to the point where its just so frustrating, its unbelievable. And to have to listen to the Reid press conferences. I hate Reid so much, I think I am officially beyond the point of just being frustrated with him, I officially hate Andy Reid. I don't have anything else to add, I agree with everything you put down there. You're right, McNabb needs to start playing better from the start, I kind of feel like not only McNabb, but Westbrook and everybody are confused, because the Eagles don't actually seem to have a game plan. When you watch other teams, like the Giants last night, it was very clear what their game plan was, whether they can execute it or not, most teams do things, and it makes sense why they do them. Reid just kind of seems like he is like alright, well lets try this, and lets try this, and lets try this, and none of it really makes any sense. Westbrook says all the time, and did last night after the game that the Eagles need to run the ball more at the beginning of the game. The Eagles just have too many problems. And we disagree on how good McNabb is, and I think McNabb is really good, but hes not good enough to overcome receivers who can't get off the ball, and not having any consistent threat from the Eagles to run the ball. I mean, perfect example of now knowing certain positions, I like Kevin Curtis, I have nothing against Kevin Curtis, but hes not a #1 receiver. Did you see some of the routes he ran last night, he cant get open if you put a cornerback right on him at the line of scrimmage. And thats not really his fault, he was always a slot (#3) receiver before he came here, and still should be. The only problem is, we dont have anyone better, so we is our best threat there.

Dr. G: Your analysis almost exactly matches R. Diddy's on the morning show: everything seems to be cobbled together and made up on the spur of the moment -- no consistent game plan. Everything is "let's try this and see if it works." This applies also to player decisions. "Let's have Klecko as FB; no let's not, let's put Tony Hunt in there; no, on second thought, let's put Klecko back...." Seems to be no respect for what the various positions really require, just like last year's punt returner fiasco. We don't need #1 WRs, we don't need TEs who can block and actually hold onto the ball, we don't need experienced FBs, we don't need power backs who can spell Westrbook and pick up those 3rd and 3's, we don't need quality linebackers since that's not really a key position....and on and on and on. This is really starting to look like a semi-pro organization rather than an NFL team. I don't get it. I'm obviously not the McNabb supporter that you are, but I do agree that he's not been given the tools to be successful, except for that one season.

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Dr. G said...

More Reidisms after the game (from The Inky): "I know how good we are. I know what we should be doing. We're a good enough football team to win all these games. We have to take care of a couple of things and we're going to do that."
Hmmm, he knows what they should be doing. Since they clearly continue not doing what they should be doing week after week, there are only 3 logical possibilities here: he knows but hasn't shared his nuggets of wisdom with the coaching staff or players; he has shared his supreme insights but the team is either incapable of executing them or no longer gives a damn what he has to say; he has no clue what he or his team should be doing and is lying through his teeth. I'll leave it to others to decide which it is...
In the meantime, I think we should start thinking of a suitable holiday gift for Mr. Reid. Perhaps something along the lines of a one way ticket to Seattle so he'll be in place to immediately pick up the reins when his mentor and role model, the equally arrogant and narcissistic Mr. Holmgren, leaves the tattered Seahawks in disgrace early next year. I know a defensive coach up in NY who's quite familiar with the Linc and NovaCare, and could probably find his way to an empty Eagles Head Coach's office pretty easily...