Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (40-31)

40. Borat

Two words for this stache, very niiice.

39. Adam Morrison

Even though his stache looks like one of a 16 year old boy, he stays with it.

Dick Butkus

One of the most feared linebackers of all time, his stache definitely had something to do with it.

37. Morgan Spurlock

Red head, Fu Manchu with a touch of gray this just demands respect.

36. Conrad Dobler

A Fu Manchu always makes a big man more intimidating

Wilford Brimley

If someone asked me what's a walrus stache, I would say Wilford Brimley

34. John Holmes

The original porn stache

33. Mike Holmgren

Has to go right under Andy Reid, some people believe they are the same person.

32. Andy Reid

Big red mustache on a fat Mormon, classy.

31. Brad Childress

Glowing with the confidence from that fantastic stache

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