Eagles Giants Preview

Chat wrap up:
Jersey Boy: Any thoughts on the big game this week? Or are you guys still not even thinking about football and still wrapped up in the phillies championship?

I think it will be a very solid game and a tough matchup for both teams.Of course I think the Giants are currently a better well balanced team than the Eagles, but I will give a slight edge to your team because being in Philly at night will be a very difficult place to win. In my mind the game comes down to the teams offensive lines. We know that both d's will apply tons of QB pressure and whoever can protect their QB the best will probably win the game. If you look at the Giants only loss to Cleveland,the o-line couldn't protect Eli and he made some terrible throws and the d-line couldn't put pressure on Derek Anderson and he was easily able topick apart the giants secondary. The giants secondary is their biggest weakness and if McNabb has time he will be able to have a few big deep plays.
my prediction- giants win 16-14

Roget: Honestly I am surprised by the Eagles being a favorite. I agree it comes down to the o-lines also.

My prediction: Eagles 20-17

Willard: First post-Runyan/Straham game.

Mr. Green: I think the key is the Giants running game. If the Giants can't run the ball, I think the Eagles will win. I think if the Giants run the ball well with Jacobs, it will be difficult for the Eagles to score more than the Giants. The Giants can control the clock if they run well,limit the Eagles possessions, and the Giants have a good defense already,so the Eagles will need as many possessions as possible.

The Giants have a very good pass rush obviously, as do the Eagles. I'm not sure how the Giants do against the run, I think the Eagles will be smart to use Westbrook as much as possible all over the field, and just run simple patterns with the receivers. Just run up the field and stop, take what the secondary gives you, get a 6 yard reception here, another one there.Easier said than done obviously.

20-17 Eagles.

Willard: We are coming in expecting a close, low scoring game, similar to the Eagles-Cowboys game week 2. Is there anyway there is going to be a complete shoot out/blow out? I mean would it be a surprise if McNabb got knocked out early and Eli shows up as Eli and just has an awful game.

Jersey Boy: i think the game will be similar to the giants-steelers and eagles-steelers game.


Dr. G said...

Pure Philly fan that I am, I'm at a complete loss to understand how Team Gold Standard (TGS) can be favored against the Eli's, home field or not. Given their performance, and Reid's usual game day myopia, on what possible basis could one predict an Eagles victory? Their sterling record of 0-2 in the division? Their dominance of those well known NFL juggernauts from St. Louis, San Fran, Atlanta, and Seattle? Oh, guess it must be their manhandling of the Steelers, whose record includes all of 2 wins against +.500 teams (same as TGS, come to think of it...). Roget & Mr. Green, what are you guys smoking? Of course, the Eagles CAN win, and in fact might pull it off ("any given Sunday," etc.), but there's no rational -- as opposed to purely hopeful -- reason to make such a prediction.

Anonymous said...

lets go eagles