Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Andy Reid (Thumbs Down) - Multiple thumbs down for the Eagles head coach/executive VP of football operations/wannabe offensive coordinator. Let’s be honest, Reid isn’t very good at any of those jobs anymore. Horrible play calling, didn’t look at all the entire night as if the Eagles had a game plan. The Eagles continue to lose close games, and are 1-11 in their last 12 games decided by 7 points or less. I’ll just borrow a line from Reid himself, “I have to do a better job.” You’ve needed to do a better job for a while Andy, and it’s just not happening.

Donovan McNabb (Push) - McNabb did not play poorly, but didn’t play well enough to beat the Giants. McNabb got off to a slow start for the 3rd straight game, and missed receivers on multiple occasions. That said, he did throw 3 TD passes, and played well considering the Eagles couldn’t establish a rushing attack.

Asante Samuel (Push) - Played well overall, but still allowed Amani Toomer to get open off of him a few times. Also, he made a great play to stop a two point conversion in the 4th quarter and then parades around the field like he saved the game. Last time I checked, we were still down 12 in the 4th.

Mike Patterson (Thumbs Up) - Great play on the interception, his first career, which set up the Eagles first touchdown. Also got in on a sack with Trent Cole.

DeSean Jackson (Thumbs Up) - Really was the only receiver to play well. Caught the most balls for the most yards, and ran the reverse play well. Scored on an end around from the "Wildcat" offense.

Front 7 (Thumbs Down) - Can't single out anybody in particular, but you can't allow 219 rushing yards to anybody. The Giants offensive line clearly dominated the Eagles defensive front 7 all over the field. Also, the Eagles still continue to not have any clue how to stop an opposing tight end.

Brian Dawkins (Thumbs Down) - Hard to give this man a thumbs down ever, but clearly isn't the same player as he was in his prime. Was burned badly on the Plaxico Burress touchdown.

Offensive Line (Push) - Blocked on passing plays pretty well, and gave McNabb the time he needed. Unfortunately, they were pushed around on all rushing plays, and couldn't create any seams for Westbrook.

Challenges (Thumbs Down) - I'm not sure exactly how Reid chooses to challenge or not challenge plays, but it continues not to work. The 2nd challenge, I was alright with, but the first challenge was a complete waste, and it was obvious Jacobs was down watching in real time, much less having access to 500 replays. Reid continues to have no clue when it comes to challenges.

Wide Receivers (Thumbs Down) - Besides the fact that they caught all the touchdown passes, this receiving corps flat out is not very good. Can you honestly picture an opposing coach game planning to stop Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. I really didn't know Reggie Brown played in the game until I saw the box score. Kevin Curtis can't get off the line to save his life, he is not a #1 receiver. Avant and Baskett are below average and not even worth talking about. DeSean Jackson is the lone bright spot.

Hank Baskett (Thumbs Up)HB3 gets a thumbs up not for his play on the field, but simply because he is now engaged to Kendra Wilkinson. That will always be a thumbs up.


Trini Vixen said...

How does someone get a thumbs up for trying to wife a whore. It's even worst when her 82yr old pimp does not even want her. I guess HB3just likes scooping up people's trash. Trash day is on Thursday on my block why don't HB3 come on through. Major thumbs down to him. Everyone knows you can't turn a whore into a housewife, especially one that got dumped by a corpse.

Pat Bostick said...

HB3 my trash is on Tuesday, will you come pick me up?

Anonymous said...

Like the way Kendra's busty pic is linked to the article. It adds a nice touch

Dr. G said...

Donovan a push? Well, to be completely fair, I guess so. But can anyone explain why on earth this guy, who has repeatedly proclaimed himself THE Team Leader, refuses to audible out of Reid's blatantly stupid plays in short yardage situations? He certainly saw the Giants D shift into the very lanes to which the 4th and 1 play was directed -- so why go ahead with it? Ten years in the league, national recognition as a top athlete, and he's afraid to override a single one of Big Red's abysmal play calls? What kind of leadership is that?
As for the Kendra topic, HB3 may have good reason to smile right now, but he's not likely to be so pleased when he sees the alimony demands in a few months.