Eagles Tie Bengals

The Eagles tied the Bengals 13-13 on Sunday. Unfortunately, there is no typo in that sentence. Exactly 11 years from the day the Eagles tied the Ravens 10-10, the Eagles came out and played horribly, and left Cincinnati with a tie. It's outrageous, embarrassing, and frustrating.

The Eagles continued to show the same problems that they have shown all season long. That begins with Andy Reid having no clue what he is doing, as it was difficult to tell if the Eagles had any type of game plan at all. The play calling was again horrendous, and was all over the place. The Eagles never looked like they had any type of consistent game plan. They could pick their plays out of a hat, and it probably wouldn't look any different.... in fact, it might improve the play calling.

Besides the poor play calling, Donovan McNabb played terribly. He clearly didn't have his best stuff all day long, and ended up tying a career high with 3 interceptions thrown, all while throwing a career high 58 passes. There wasn't much different in the play between McNabb, a 10 year veteran, and Fitzpatrick, who was making his 9th career start. Since McNabb was struggling, it makes no sense why the Eagles didn't try to run the ball, in a cold, windy atmosphere in Cincinnati. The Eagles called 17 running plays (this doesn't include a run by McNabb), on 18 offensive possessions. Really? 17 runs in 18 possessions against a Bengals defense which struggles to stop the run.

The defense was a bright spot, and kept the Eagles in the game as the Eagles offense was constantly turning it over, or Rocca was shanking punts. The Bengals, who actually ran the ball despite little success, couldn't do much on offense against the Eagles defense, who swarmed all over the ball wherever it went. The Eagles defense recorded 8 sacks, and held the Bengals to 56 rushing yards on 30 carries.

The Eagles as a team just have so many problems right now, it's hard not to look toward the future. The problems start with Andy Reid, who is too arrogant and stupid to admit when something isn't working. He can't call plays, and gets outcoached all the time. Because Donovan McNabb played poorly, the Eagles have little chance to win any game in which McNabb plays poorly, because Brian Westbrook does not get the ball enough to have an impact. The opposing defense can key on stopping Westbrook, because the Eagles have no one else on offense to even pay attention to. Against the Bengals, the receivers couldn't get open at all, and when they did, McNabb couldn't make the throw to them.

What does all of this mean? A tie against the previously 1-8 Bengals, which leaves the Eagles at 5-4-1 on the season, and their playoff chances getting slimmer and slimmer every day.

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