Machine's Healthy Living Tip of the Week

Being it is a holiday week, we will keep this short.

Make sure to get in a little activity over this notoriously indulgent holiday. Whether going out for a jog, running the local Turkey Trot 5k or visiting the health club; be certain to get moving and break a sweat. It will ensure that all of our Turkey Day feasting does not further pad our bellies or line our hips.

It does not take much time to burn a few hundred calories, an hour or so should do the trick. To set the best of examples, this "machine" will be up early Thanksgiving morning to train for an hour and a half. Then over the holiday weekend, a trail race is to be run. The Dirty Bird 15k will be sure to take care of any Thanksgiving leftovers that try to find a home on this fine body.

There is nothing like a race through the woods, up and down long, treacherous hills, across icy creeks, over downed trees and jagged, unforgiving rocks to keep the pounds from affixing themselves. There will be no love handles or back fat adorning this "machine"...no way, no how!

So, let's go forth and ward off that jiggling flesh, those double and triple chins, those saddlebags and man-boobs... let's attempt to rid ourselves of those 29,000 calories we will undoubtedly consume this holiday weekend...let's come back to work on Monday a bit stronger, perhaps even leaner! Well, that may be a stretch, even for Machine, but let's at least keep the fat cells from multiplying!

Happy Sweating!

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