Friday Football Picks

Kotite’s Corner Picks – Overall Record: (8-10-1)

College Picks – Overall Record: (4-6)

MICHIGAN (+20.5) at Ohio State: Ohio State will win this game, but if Michigan wants to save any face on this season, they will not get blown at against rival Ohio State. Take Michigan.

PITTSBURGH (+5) at Cincinnati: Pitt will not only cover, they will win, which will set up a Backyard Brawl next Friday for the Big East championship and BCS berth.

Pro Picks – Overall Record: (4-5-1)

PANTHERS (+1) at Falcons: We traded our first round pick last year to Carolina for their first rounder this year. We are cursed and the Panthers keep winning, so we will have the 26th overall pick. Panthers getting 1 is easy, because they will win this game outright.

GIANTS (-3) at Cardinals: It pains me to say it, but right now the Giants are the best team in the NFL, and only giving 3 points to Arizona makes this pick easy. I expect the game to be high scoring, but the Giants should win by 6+.

Guest Picks – Overall Record: (6-6)

Jack Flack’s Picks – Overall Record: (3-3)

CINCINNATI (-5) vs. Pittsburgh: The Big East Title and a possible spot in the BCS is on the line and that means one thing: Dave Wannstedt and company will fold like origami. The Bearcats have played well of late, so don't fret about laying the points.

CLEMSON (-2.5) at Virginia: Both teams are searching for that all important sixth win for bowl eligibility, but Clemson has played better without Tommy Bowden and Virginia is beginning to fall apart. It'll be close, but the Tigers cover on the road.

Willard’s Picks – Overall Record: (3-3)

PATRIOTS (+1) at Dolphins: If there is one thing that Bill Belichick does best, that would be preparing. He has an extra few days and he will figure out the wildcat offense that killed them in their earlier meeting.

CHARGERS (-2.5) vs. Colts: Chargers are 3-0 in the last 3 meetings against the Colts. Manning has 6 TDs and 10 INTs in those meetings. The Chargers 3-4 defense always gives Manning fits.


Dr. G said...

Sorry, Mr. Green, but Jack Flack is right on concerning Wannstadt and his boys. While I appreciate the source of your Panther-mania, it ain't gonna happen for them Saturday night in Cincy. The Bearcats could probably take the Bengals, and Wannstadt's game day coaching is reminiscent of Reid's. It won't quite be the utter disgrace of the Rutgers game, but it won't be pretty. And as for your Michigan pick, are you hitting the weed again? Even Wannstadt could pick up a W against those dogs. As much as I hate the Buckeyes, they'll have the game in hand by the half.

Andrew G said...

Okay Dr. G. I'll call you on Sunday when I go 2-0 in my college picks, and Pitt is 8-2 and in 1st in the Big East.

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