Fire Reid? We Have the Answer

The time has officially come when the Philadelphia Eagles need a coaching change. This is not going to be a “bash Andy Reid” article, as this has become all too popular right now, and extremely easy. Everywhere you look on the Internet, you can find people cursing, and insulting Andy Reid….. we are guilty of a little bit of that also.

Andy Reid is one of, if not the best coach in Philadelphia Eagles history. We have only ever been to two Super Bowls in franchise history, and Reid took us to one, and also guided us to four straight NFC championship games. Reid came into town after the failures of Rich Kotite (our namesake), and Ray Rhodes, and immediately turned the team around. His first six seasons here, there was a clear strategy in what Reid was trying to accomplish. The Eagles consistency got better each year under Reid, culminating in a trip to the Super Bowl, and a close loss to the New England Patriots.

Unfortunately, that Super Bowl loss was the pinnacle on Andy Reid’s career with the Eagles. Since then, it has been downhill. The Eagles have only gotten to the playoffs once in three seasons since, and currently sit at 5-4-1, and not looking like they are going to make the playoffs this season, much less make a serious push for the Super Bowl. That is unacceptable in this town, and with our Philadelphia Eagles.

All good things must come to an end. Sometimes change is good. Throw whatever cliche you want out there; Andy Reid clearly has been a successful coach with the Eagles, but his time is now up. Some say it’s easy to call for Reid to be fired, but where is the solution? We have the solution.

The solution is in the form of Steve Spagnuolo, New York Giants defensive coordinator. Spagnuolo is a product of the Jim Johnson defensive system, serving as a coach under Johnson from 1999-2006. Since he left Philly, his Giants defense has been dominant and was the anchor of the Giants team that swept through the playoff and a Super Bowl victory. The Giants defense, under Spagnuolo put up an unbelievable defensive effort against a better version of the Patriots team that beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl in 2005. The Patriots had entered the Super Bowl with the Giants with their offense being called unstoppable. Spagnuolo's defense not only won a Super Bowl for Giants, they also lost two starting all-pro defensive ends for this season, and he still has the Giants as one of the best defensive teams in football. The Giants also are among the lead leaders in sacks.

Steve Spagnuolo is the perfect fit, as the defense would remain the same hard hitting, attack the quarterback defense that we love here in Philadelphia. The next coach of the Eagles should be a defensive minded coach, and Spagnuolo fits the bill. Spagnuolo is already one of the hottest names in terms of future head coaches in the NFL, and the Eagles should not let the opportunity to get him slip away. He already knows the Eagles organization, and would be comfortable coming into this city and this team, as he already has been here. The defense will be similar to the one that Jim Johnson runs, it just seems that by watching the Giants, it may be a little more modern. If Spagnuolo were to be hired, an experienced offensive coordinator would be needed. An experienced offensive mind at offensive coordinator is a perfect fit here, as it will continue to do many of the great things that the Reid era set up, but will solve the issue of the stalemate we seem to be in since the season we got to the Super Bowl.

With Reid gone, the next question is, does Heckert leave also? We believe as do many that Heckert seems to be a puppet to Reid. Everyone knows Reid controls most player personnel decisions. There is also a belief that Heckert is hindered by Reid, and if given actual control of the team, he can succeed. Although we may regret the decision of Heckert and Jim Johnson leaving the organization, it is the price that must be paid to get Spagnuolo in here, and a new system in place.

If Reid is kept for next season, it is likely that Kevin Kolb will be the starter at QB. If Reid remains, he will get the leeway of seeing Kolb through his first few years, even if he, and the team struggle. All while this is going on, Spagnuolo will likely be hired as a head coach with another team, and have a lot of success. We do not want to let that opportunity pass.


Anonymous said...

Not to take anything away from Spag, but one of the primary reasons the Giants D was so solid last year and again this year was the great decisions Ernie Accorsi made in his last few years as GM.

He stood strong on not trading Osi to the Chargers, who told him they wouldn't trade Eli unless they gave up Osi. Obviously we got both.

He drafted Kiwanuka in the first round when everyone said they had too many d-ends (strahan, osi, tuck) and should be addressing other areas.

He signed Antonio Pierce (giants d captain) to a large contract in 2005 after being in Washington for 4 years and really only have 1 above average season.

Without these great moves by Accorsi, Spags would never have been able to build the current great d and getting the recognition he is receiving.

eleanor the dog said...

hey anon, i agree that your (i am guessing you are a chump giants fan) new GM is real good. great drafter, one of the main reasons the g-men are so good now. but do not sell spags short. it is still his schemes (actually jim johnson's) that are destroying offenses around the league the past 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is right, I am a superbowl champ giant fan. My post wasn't to take anything away from Spags, he is a great coach and hope he stays a long time in NY, which probably won't happen. All I was saying is that Spags is not the entire reason the giants d is so good. You have to give alot of the credit to the PREVIOUS GM, Ernie Accorsi. If we are talking about the current GM, Jerry Reese, he also has to be considered extremely talented as 7 out of the 9 2007 draft picks had large roles in Superbowl game. Not bad for your 1st draft. Bottom line, no way Spags ends up in Philly next year.

Anonymous said...

enough talk about the gay giants. spagnuolo probably isnt going to philadelphia but it seems like it would be a good fit. i would take cowher also, but that doesnt seem likely either.