Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (90-81)

90. Robert Downey Jr.

I didn't think shaving the chin hair would unmask such a lovely stache

89. Michael Phelps

Only if he would have wore the stache on that SI cover

88. Hulk Hogan

He would be higher but when you dye your mustache blonde you lose points.

87. Greg Maddux

He looks like a 17 year old Spanish boy.

86. Derek Bell

An OK player made better by the power of the stache.

85. Pat Riley

I would have the ultimate respect for Riley if he walked the sidelines with his slicked back hair and this stache.

Edgar Allen Poe

Smug look with a classic stache.

83. Wade Boggs

A perfect stache for that creepy uncle in the family.


A nicely trimmed stache.

81. Richard Kiel

If Frankenstein had a Beatles hair cut and a stache, you would get this man.

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