Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (20-11)

20. John Vukovich

Here at Kotite's Corner we would be ashamed if he wasn't in the top 20.

Sam Elliot

He has been in so many movies always sporting the stache

Joe Namath

The only thing that would make this better then this picture is if he was hitting on Suzy Kolber

Jared Allen

When you have a mullet and a Fu Manchu you always win points.

16. Jake Plummer

The stache didn't last long but is already legendary

The Beatles

For Sgt Peppers The Fab Four all grew staches. This would be a great picture to hang on your living room wall

14. Harry Shearer

One of the thickest fullest Fu Manchus ever

13. Sal Fasano

There are no words to describe the awesomeness of Sal Fasano.

12. Oscar Gamble

Afro, mutton chops and sweet stache enough said.

11. Al Hrabosky

His nickname is the Mad Hungarian, great nickname, great thick Fu Manchu.

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