Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (70-61)

70. Bill Buckner

A very underrated 80's baseball stache.

69. Goose Gossage

Young or old, simple amazing.

68. Ted Nugent

Ted's mustache looks like a teenager trying to grow a walrus.

67. Alex Trebek

I think Jeopardy! has gone downhill since Alex shaved off the stache.

66. Jim "Catfish" Hunter

Nothing screams 1970s like this stache.

65. Ozzie Smith

Who knew Ozzie Smith started his career with the Padres?

64. Mike Ditka

Sporting the stache since his playing days in the 60s. And no one cares that he graduated from Pitt.

63. Ross Grimsley

He may not have the star power as some of the others on this list, but you got to love the commitment to the stache.

62. Freddie Mercury

A stache that left us all too soon.

61. Scott Player

A punter gets instant respect when he grows a Fu Manchu

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