Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (80-71)

80. Walt Frazier

The Sideburns almost distract you from the amazing stache.

79. Seth Green

This is a man who understands the greatness of the stache.

78. Jeff Fisher

Longest tenured coach in the NFL and currently undefeated, one reason why, the stache.

77. David Wells

Fat guy with a tiny stache, goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

76. Bill Cowher

Know for his chin, should be known for the great stache.

75. Marvin Harrison

Quiet WR that goes under the radar, the same goes for his stache.

74. Jeff Hostetler

Super Bowl winning QB with a stache, can you imagine how much pussy he got in 1991.

73. Jack Black

Man in a tux with a stache is always classy.

72. Dennis Eckersley

What's up with relievers and staches, let's keep it up.

71. Carl Weathers

Underrated action star, with a great full stache.

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