Top 101 Mustaches in Pop Culture (60-51)

60. Stan Van Gundy

Ron Jeremy's twin separated at birth

59. Ron Jeremy

I think when you are a porn legend you have to grow a stache.

Jeff Kent

Greatest hitting second basemen of all-time? Maybe, but he definately has the best second basemen stache of all-time.

57. Logan Mankins

I never thought a Fu Manchu could look so grizzly before.

56. Jack Morris

Messy, full stache, that's just great.

John Oates

Oates carried that great duo and everyone knows it.

54. Keith Hernandez

Even though he is a Met, I can't hold that against him, great stache.

53. Paul Teutul Sr.

I think this should be called the chopper mustache.

52. Todd Jones

Who would have thought that this little rookie's stache would have grown up to demand so much respect.

51. Dale Ernhardt

Named "The Intimindator" not for his driving but for his stache.

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